Sixbest remedies for yachting seasickness

Sixbest remedies for yachting seasickness

Seasickness, avoid it during your yacht trip

Even you are lucky and spend a journey on yachting, you will feel misery when get a seasickness. This latter is not only for the old-people but also for those who havestomach problems. Most of the time, it will trigger when you smell of kerosene or when the boat is riding to heavy sea. Actually, there are many reasons to get queasiness. This nausea is a major problem when you go for a trip in a yacht.

 When you arrive in the middle of the ocean, all you want to do is to wait until the sea calm down. So, what can you do if you want to try a health and fitness yachting adventure? People feel comfortable but you feel miserable. Poor of you! Here are six best remedies to prevent yachting seasickness and to help you spending carefree vacations.

  • The higher percentage of seasickness is mental

Before your trip, keep in mind that seasickness is most of time triggered by your brain. If you have already got nausea, it you remember before your next leaving.

All you just do is to repeat more times in your mind the sentence “I don’t get seasickness”. You can speak to yourself in the mirror before the departure. Be convinced and optimistic. Note that you are the only remedy to your sickness. Instead of profiting the beauty of the sea, you feel queasy and would like to vomit.

  • Keep the horizon in sight

When the boat is riding to heavy sea, some objects are moving which will trigger your queasy. If you can, go out in your room and glance at the horizon. When your body adjusts to new movements,look at this horizon in order to start your internal equilibrium.

If you can’t gaze the horizon, just keep your eyes closed. When you close your eyes, the conflicting signals between your eyes and inner ear will reduce. This tip is among the most effective solutions to prevent seasickness.

  • Choose the best yacht to entertain you

Yachting and boating are obviously different as the former is more comfortable than the latter. When you want to spend impressive journey, choose the luxury and comfortable yacht. Luxury Yacht Charter is a best solution for you because you will see fascinating landscape in a comfort place.

Located centrally in the Western Mediterranean, you can take advantages to the awesome nature and the blue turquoise sea. The Wild Island of Corsica is a good destination for yacht charter vacation.

  • Follow your nose

Wooziness is not caused only by bad smells but you can get it also with nice smells. For example, if you are in the restaurant and savorbeacon, you may get seasickness. Perfume may make your nausea worse sometimes.

So, you can get it either with bad or pleasant flavor. Hence, if you smell something strange, move away until you smell fresh air. This latter helps you to clear up the intense smells.

  • Control your diet before the departure

Some people, get worse nausea when they take sweet foods. However, some can’t eat salty food as it will make them vomit during their yacht trip. That is the main reason, you must control your diet before the departure.

When you wake-up in the morning, avoid taking sweet breakfast if you can’t support it during your journey. The same case in the salty breakfast. Additionally, manage your diet by avoiding anything fatty and spicy. Avoid also taking overeat alcohol in the boat. All you just do is eating simple meals. If there is a possibility, add ginger to your plate because this is a good natural remedy to help reducing the risk of seasickness.

  • Bring medicine

If you have already followed these tips above, but it seems inefficient, try to avoid your nausea with the medicine.  Before your departure, take a time to go to your doctor and ask him or her medicine. Dramamine and Bonine are the two useful seasickness remedies. You are recommended to take them twenty-four hours before your trip and are available over the counter. Keep in mind that it is important if you ask your doctor’s opinion before taking these medicines.  

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