Come discover The Secrets of Marlinspike Hall to Cheverny!


You have probably already had this dream where you are in the exact replica of the decor of one of your favorites movies. And then, you really have the feeling of being your favorite hero, because you penetrate into his intimacy, his reality and discover all of his secrets. But the best in these dreams is that your hero is absent, because you are the star of the movie. And if today, you had the chance to make your favorite fiction a reality ?


Good news for you, you will have the chance to live your dream if you decide to visit one of the most famous and beautiful castles of the Loire. Over there, you probably will be amazed and fascinated by the beauty of this land. More than that, it is a real cultural heritage from the 17th century that will offer you the possibility to penetrate the deepest secrets of a huge hero of the universe of comics. You obviously remember the incredible adventures of Tintin, probably one of the strongest references of your childhood. What would you say if it was possible to visit the real castle of the famous Hergé’s comic?


The castle of you favorite comic book really exists


Do not be surprised, the marvelous Marlinspike Hall is real and is waiting for you. Retrace your favorite stories of Tintin, and imagine every characters created by the renowned Belgian author. In honor of these wonderful narratives of our young years, the beautiful Castle of Cheverny decided to create a permanent exhibition completely dedicated to The Secrets of Marlinspike, a Hall of 700 square meters, where you will live an extraordinary experience. Just know that more than 1.2 million people have already visited the place.


In the Marlinspike Hall, you will discover an interactive exhibition, entirely created by the Hergé Foundation, which worked in partnership with the Castle of Cheverny. The goal of The Secrets of Marlinspike Hall is to allow you to experience the adventures of Tintin again, but with a different perspective. Indeed, you will discover all the details of the story from the inside. Do not hesitate, it is a real chance to live a cultural, playful and historical moment, between the walls of a castle dating from the 17th century.


The Marlinspike Hall : eight rooms of secrets and adventure


The Marlinspike Hall is full-scale reproduction of some stories of Tintin that you probably already know. But you will see that watching it from the inside creates a really authentic sensation. You will have the opportunity to discover different corridors and rooms. Your goal will be to guess which book the rooms come from. The idea is to create an interactive tour, making use the memory of the spectators. Indeed, it is a real show that you will have the chance to live.

Do not hesitate and go to the Castle of Cheverny, as soon as possible. You will not be disappointed to have come, and if you plan to visit The Secrets of Marlinspike Hall, be sure that you will enjoy the moment as long as possible...